How We Work.

Our process involves educating you on your options, and if you elect to engage our law firm, reducing your principal balance and provide financial options to reduce the term of your newly reduced student loan balance.

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Schedule a FREE no-obligation strategy session to have one of our experienced student loan lawyers evaluate your specific case.


Reduce Balance

We start communicating with your creditors to obtain reductions in your principal balances.



Engage our law firm and provide the firm with the details requested so that we can begin.


Find a Term that Fits

In order to pay off your creditor and settle for the negotiated reduction, we offer introductions to other financial options where you can find a repayment term that fits you, not the just the lender.


End Harrasment

We handle all communication with your creditors so you can relax.


Early Payoff

Now that your student loan balance has been reduced, you can pay it off faster as your cash flow allows.

Are you ready to get started?

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Still have questions? We understand. We can talk through any questions by calling us now, or chatting with us. Or feel free to read our addition Questions and Answers.